Our Fire

A Sanctuary of Creativity

Hello Devotees of Art!

 Our Fire is a home for artists and photographers. We are a sanctuary of creative minds and will harbor anyone who has devoted themselves to creativity. This is a place where intellectual conversation is encouraged to thrive. Ambition and the drive to express oneself is recognized and appreciated. Together, as friends we shall strive to share our talents and express the drive or fire within us that is our creativity. Members can share their artwork & photography in the Gallery and enjoy discussions about a variety of topics in the Forums. Here, we strive to find the spark within us. The flame that is our creativity. Look deep inside and discover yours. Together, we will explore our hidden spark and unite together. So come on, lets find Our Fire!

Anybody can join, just as long as you keep the peace. There is no need for violence or any deliberate attempt to provoke conflict. If this does happen, I will take action immediately to find what the problem is, and hopefully fix it. If you have any serious discrepancies with any other member, please contact me and I will assess the situation. I thank you humbly for your cooperation!  ;-) 

Our Fire is one of three websites that I have created, all intended to encourage creativity and expressing oneself. Besides Our Fire, the other two sites are my personal blog, Scripted Musings, and Dark Matter, a small book club and community of addicted readers. Members can discuss their favorite books or characters in the forums and share their original short stories or poetry. Dark Matter focuses on being open minded and accepting of all individuals. The members strive to inspire and be inspired through literature. Shaping thoughts into words is an art that is encouraged and appreciated by all. My personal blog is a place where I share my many musings, both spiritual and random, and where I also review books. I plan on posting my reviews to Dark Matter in the future. Thanks for stopping by and listening to my near endless-ramblings. ;-) I hope you decide to join our small but ever growing sanctuary of creativity.  

For more info about the site owner please check out his personal blog at TyCrisp.webs.com 

Blessed be,

-Ival Ty Crisp (Site Owner)